Top 5 Best Board Games


Our blog loves board games. Not only do we sell them, but we are also avid players ourselves. Usually, holiday corporate parties end very late not because the people are loaded after… pizza, but because the party in Munchkin or Alias is delayed. We don’t limit ourselves to these two, so we decided to share our experience with you.

Board Games

The Best Family Board Games

Those who have not tried to play with their families have lost a lot… If you think that communication in the family is enough – believe me, there is not much communication like this! Especially useful to sit at the playing table for those who want to establish a relationship of trust, makeup or learn something new about the family.


The reputation of “Monopoly” as “itself” has been unshaken for several decades. Both children and adults “stick” in it equally. The reason is in building special relationships between players. The spirit of competition not only separates people but also brings them together – for example, for your favorite entertainment. In Winning Moves ‘Monopoly – Friends’ you have to buy and sell, invest and attract investment, divide and rule – a gambling activity for the whole family!


The Empathio gameplay process is reminiscent of special services’ techniques to find out the inner world of the criminal, or methods of testing job seekers for positions in large corporations. Everybody wants to know who is in your “dark fog”! Do not be afraid, it’s just a game of association – but so interesting that it’s even hard to imagine. It is this “Skill” – a skill of imagination – you have to use the full force to win the “Empathyo”!

Party Alias

You’ve seen them play this board on TV. “Party Alias” is so popular that even in the series “Doctor House” there is an episode in which heroes play one of its varieties. We have “Alias” – probably the first board game that came from the West. Players are divided into two types: explaining and guessing. The task of the former is to help the latter guess a certain word without saying it directly. Doesn’t it seem simpler? It is – but not always. But you’ll laugh so that you can tear your bellies off!


“Alias with Dice” – the same game, but designed specifically for a multi-age audience: so that both parents got carried away and children had fun. The difference from the “adult” version is the replacement of cards with dice. The new form entailed new content: in the “dice” version the game became even more diverse, unpredictable and fun. It is suitable for age 9+ and helps children develop coherent speech and thinking skills. And also, increases vocabulary. One of the best board games for children.


“Dobble” is a very dynamic game that develops… a good mood! Maybe (but not fact), it develops something more – like the speed of reaction, visual memory, and direct communication skills. If you notice any improvement in any of these components after playing – the theorem is proven! The goal of the game is to find on the top map of the deck any element that you have on your hands – that is to find matches. The rules are very light and memorable in a minute.



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