About Us



You are now on the page of the “barbara books” blog, which was created with love and trembling by our friendly family. Board games are a hobby that has become an important part of our family life. They help us not only to understand each other better but also to recognize our children as individuals, to discover them and ourselves each time in a new way. At one point we decided we wanted to share it with others.

Our mission is to spread the culture of board games in the U.S Among families, friendly companies, children, married couples and colleagues. Each party is like a small life in which you can learn your feelings and behavior, to visit the place where you have never been and make the most courageous decisions, as well as to feel how your emotions show the closest people.

Therefore, first of all, we distribute not cards, cubes, and concepts, but the atmosphere.

The one that you associate with vivid emotions, drive, and laughter. The atmosphere of the game, which gives special warmth. After which you feel that you are a few steps closer to the inner world of another person, and your own is filled with new colors.