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The best board games for beginners (my recommendations)

I decided to start another page where I will tell you about board games that I would recommend to those who have recently learned about boards and decided to buy something but do not know what he needs. You can torture the seller in the store, or you can look at this list, which contains those games that are more likely to suit newcomers. These games can be easily found in almost any store of board games. Also, at your request, I am happy to tell you about other games that you are interested in.

Ticket to Ride


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2-5 players, 30-45 min.

In this game, you need to connect the city routes on the map of Europe (or other continents and countries, if you buy the game with other maps). The Train Ticket has a large beautiful map, a pile of small plastic colorful carriages and cards with routes and trains. Whoever is able to lay the longest route and get the most points for it will win.

Recommended for those who like beautiful, colorful games with secret targets and card engine.

It’s My Fish!

It's My Fish!

2-4 players, 15-20 min.

Penguins are standing on the ice and catching fish. Moving a penguin of his color on any ice floe in a straight line, you can pick up an ice floe on which the penguin stood. On this ice floe is drawn the number of fish that the player caught. Who will catch the most fish?

Recommended for fans of fast strategic games, and children will certainly be delighted with penguin figures.