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My Top Board Games (Update 02.07.19)

After making a list of the best games for beginners, I wanted to tell you about my favorite board games. It wasn’t very easy to choose your favorite games. Sometimes I want to play in a cooperative, sometimes throwing dice, sometimes playing something card game. Sometimes you do not want to play any of this at all. So I will have a list of top board games in the last period. As if I had been asked – what would you like to play now? In time, I will change the list if I find something new and cool.

P.S. games are placed in a chaotic order, not on the list.

7 Wonders


7 Wonders

The very first thing that came to mind in terms of favorite games is the 7 Wonders of Antoine Bose. I’ve never turned anyone down if anyone asked me to play this wonderful game. I like games with draft mechanics, especially such beautifully designed games. I like to feel the lack of resources, especially if they are not only you but also the neighbors. I really like to collect green cards for science (most fans of the game will probably agree with me). This is a game to which I will always have few additions, no matter how many they come out.

With all the many pros and cons, the game has enough, so I do not know why, but I am like a magnet attracted to this game. Boza is good.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Arkham Horror The Card Game

In my opinion, this is the most successful board game related to the myths of Howard Lovecraft, and definitely the best GKI in the FFG portfolio.

The game offers different scenarios invented by the authors of the game. To do this, you need to choose a hero, select the right script cards, choose the difficulty of passing, and forward to the barricades. Yes, the game sometimes meet twisted rules, for an explanation of which you need to climb the BGG, but the atmosphere and fan of the game eclipse all the shortcomings. It is in this game I felt like the same detective, who is looking for adventure on the fifth point, wandered into strange homes and met with very strange people.

Each new scenario is a new unique adventure that will not let you get bored.